Leaving your legacy

A legacy is leaving a lasting impact on those around you after you’re gone – family, friends, cause or charity, business, small community, or world at large. The importance of to whom or what you’re leaving a legacy and on what scale depends on your values. There’s no right or wrong answers here.

A legacy is a gift for others but also for yourself. It paves the way for finding meaning and fulfillment in your days and years. Expending your energy and time becomes about something greater than yourself. The seed of legacy can grow into self-discovery of your values and purpose and unlocking your passion or vision for life. It might even blossom into giving back and inspiring the next generation.

You have the power to create the stories, memories, and knowledge you leave behind.

Your estate plan has a part to play. We designed our “Estate workbook including Letter of Wishes” as a lasting record of the things that make you ‘you’. Think your parenting and business guidance, life story, family background, letters of love for your VIPs and more. There’s lots of prompts, guides, and checkboxes along the way so you can record as much of your legacy as you choose and as efficiently as possible.

We’re here to help with your estate plan. Creating a legacy is up to you.


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