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Financial protection and guidance

One of the beautiful truths in life is that we are all different. We all have our own quirks and complexities, and some of us need more financial guidance or protection than others. We can factor those needs into your estate plan. Comfort for you and protection for your loved ones.

If you want to gift part or all your estate to a loved one that is immature or unable to make sound financial decisions, is a spendthrift, or has gambling or addiction problems, then a testamentary discretionary trust (“TDT”) could be the solution.

A TDT is established by a Will and only starts after the Will-maker dies. The Will-maker’s property becomes property of the TDT. The ‘trustee’ of the TDT is in a powerful position to control how to distribute the assets and income of the trust to the beneficiaries nominated by the Will-maker. Among the beneficiaries are those loved ones that need financial guidance or protection.

By gifting via a TDT, your loved ones still receive the benefit of your gift but are protected by the control of the trustee. The trustee is someone of your choosing, and can be a trusted family member, friend, or a professional like your accountant.

We discuss the ins and outs of TDTs and what to consider when appointing a trustee in our initial consultation. If you’re ready to start your estate plan conversation please contact us (email, phone, carrier pigeon – whatever is best for you!). If you’re not quite there yet please check out the Resources tab for some estate planning freebies, including some TDT info flyers. We look forward to meeting you when you’re ready to get started!

"How Does a Testamentary Discretionary Trust Work?" resource download link

A testamentary discretionary trust is a trust that is established by a Will. This flyer explains how a testamentary discretionary trust works and why it can be a powerful strategy in your estate plan.

The information in this download is general information only and not legal advice.


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