Myth busters - "If I can't make my own decisions then whatever happens is fine"

How to be your own worst enemy in one short sentence…

“If I can’t make my own decisions then whatever happens is fine”.

Do you have an opinion on where you live? Who you live with? Who you spend time with? What food you eat? What activities you participate in (if any!)? What healthcare you do or don’t receive? How your money’s spent? Whether your assets are sold? If and how your assets are invested?

Losing capacity doesn’t mean your thoughts, feelings, and preferences suddenly disappear. If you lose capacity someone else may have to make some big decisions for you plus lots of day-to-day ones. Would you care if that decision-maker was someone that has vastly different views and values to you? What if they didn’t know you at all?

An Enduring Power of Attorney empowers you to appoint people you know and trust to act as your attorney if you lose capacity. There’s also space for you to record any views or wishes you want your attorneys to be aware of (we also recommend having a chat with your attorneys to make sure you’re all on the same page!).

An Enduring Power of Attorney is included in each Will Value Package. Drop down the “How we can help” tab and click on “Will Value Packages” to find out more.


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