Preparing Kids for Death and Funerals

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Talking to children about death can be a difficult and emotional task, but it’s an important part of helping them process and understand the loss of a loved one (whether human or animal). ‘Preparing Children for Death and Funerals’ is a comprehensive guide that offers practical advice and resources for parents and caregivers who are navigating the delicate task of talking to children about death.

In this easy-to-follow guide, you’ll find tips for explaining death and grief to children of all ages, as well as strategies for preparing them for funerals and other end-of-life rituals. You’ll also learn how to help children cope with their emotions and find healthy ways to express their feelings. With guidance and compassionate support, ‘Preparing Children for Death and Funerals’ is an essential resource for anyone who wants to navigate the difficult but necessary conversations around death and loss with children.

The information in this ebook is general information only and not legal advice, or a substitute for professional counselling or medical advice.