Why do I need an 

Enduring Power of Attorney?

If you lose the ability to make your own decisions someone will step in to make decisions for you.

It’s unavoidable. The decisions must be made. You can’t do it. Someone has to.

The optional part is whether you’ve chosen that “someone” ahead of time OR if you have left it to chance/for a tribunal to decide.

It’s a common trap to think the ability to make decisions is an “old person problem” [big myth!]. Reality is there’s a laundry list of reasons why someone might be unable to make their own decisions and it can happen at any age (eg. accident, illness, injury, medication).

An Enduring Power of Attorney is used to appoint people you know + trust to be your decision makers if you’re unable to make decisions for yourself. It can also be used to record special powers and terms that your decision makers may need to handle your affairs.

Without an Enduring Power of Attorney, your next of kin don’t automatically have the right to make decisions for you. This includes things like accessing your bank accounts or trauma insurance. Yep, it can be a BIG problem.

In that scenario your loved ones must make an application to QCAT to be appointed as your guardian or administrator. This means extra stress, cost, time delay, AND the risk QCAT may appoint someone you don’t trust or want making decisions for you.

By putting an Enduring Power of Attorney in place now you’re:

  • taking control and appointing people you know + trust to make decisions for you
  • peace of mind for you
  • less stress, work, and cost for your loved ones

It’s a #NoBrainer really.

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