Your life story is a page turning best seller

Your life story is a page turning best seller.

Picture a loved one…maybe your spouse or parent. Someone that holds a truly special place in your heart. Now imagine that person wrote their life story for you. Not just where they were born and milestones, but the unique little things that make them who they are. The first time they saw their favourite band and what songs they rocked out too. When they danced with you under the moonlight and how they remember your smile. Their hopes and dreams for the future. The advice they wish they were given when they were young. Importantly, how much they love you and what you’ve meant to them.

You’d treasure that book, wouldn’t you? Read it many times over? What would that book mean to you if your loved one was no longer here?

If you flipped the picture, how would your loved one feel if your life story was recorded for them? To them, you are irreplaceable. The next best thing is a chronicle of you and your love.

There are numerous books filled with heroic deeds and incredible discoveries but, to your loved ones, your life story is a page turning best seller. An all-time number 1.

While we can avow the many reasons why legal docs (like a Will!) are super important for your estate plan, we know the priceless value of a chronicle of love. ‘My estate workbook including Letter of Wishes’ is included in each of our Will Value Packages and is designed to make recording your chronicle of love simple.

There are prompts throughout the workbook so you need only read, reflect, and write. No need to feel daunted. This is a writer’s block free zone.


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